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Amy Wilcock


I created CLMB with a promise to myself that I would be completely honest about everything. Growing up is hard and there are so many choices to make. CLMB aspires to be the platform that helps young people with these choices, gives them a voice to dictate their own future and shows it’s always okay to talk.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

Choosing a career shouldn’t be hard it should be exciting! There are endless options of what you can do, and this can often feel slightly overwhelming. We can help you showcase your talents and navigate the maze that is job hunting.

skills you can take throughout life no matter where you go or what you do

Life skills are just as important as anything academic. The trick is learning how to apply them and how to get them across both on paper and in person. We can help you identify and utilise these skills to their full advantage.

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Don't believe everything you think

Your mental health is the most important thing. It is what keeps you going, keeps you positive and allows you to achieve everything you are capable of. The key is learning to talk and knowing that you are you, despite your mental health.  

Letters To Your Younger self

We reached out across our ever growing LinkedIn network to ask a very self reflective question:

“If you could write a letter to your younger self offering any advice or guidance, what would you say?”

Experience All we have on offer

Honest and Relatable Blogs

Blog posts that cover everything from anxiety and body image to networking and your online profile. The content may vary through Careers Advice, Mental Health and Life Skills but the honesty and relatability will remain throughout.

Sex Education

Educational resources and promotional posters for the wonderful world of Sex Education. FAQ’s on sex, life and sexual wellbeing along with numerous blog posts on ‘my experience’ written by a range of anonymous authors discussing all things from normalising genitalia to LGBTQ+ rights.

Mental Health and Wellness Tips

Your mental health should always be at the forefront of everything you do. CLMB offers tips, advice, guidance and links with support units to help you handle what life throws at you and emerge feeling strong, confident and in charge.

Networking Top Tips

Have a read of our Top Tips for learning to network in a range of situations. From face to face events, to reaching out over social media, CLMB will have you putting your best foot forward and making long-lasting, meaningful professional relationships.

CV Top Tips

Your CV no longer needs to be a Word document! In this modern era, CV’s are becoming more and more exciting and tailoring it towards your chosen career is a vital skill to have. Learning the skills needed to develop a CV will last you a lifetime.

Life Skills

CLMB will talk you through exactly what Life Skills are, how to get them and why you need them. From resilience to determination, ambition to time-management, learn not only what these attributes are but how to use them to get ahead!

And so much more…

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream "
C. S. Lewis

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