Apprenticeships Top Tips

  • Look early and explore all the options you think you might want

    Try and get a week experience here and there to test if it’s for you before you go into the full apprenticeship.

  • Research

    Contact companies early, see what they offer, what progression and job prospects there are afterwards. What qualifications do you get? Is it the sort if company culture you like? Most companies will have an email address on their site, contacting them shows you have initiative and are willing to go the extra mile.

  • Be careful with money

    Your first pay check can often seem like you have disposable income to burn but it's a great time to save. Don’t waste away those first few pay checks, there is often many easy ways you can restrict your outgoings. Check out our ‘money-management’ section of Life Skills to find out more!

  • Get stuck in, it’s all about experiences and learning

    Try your hand at it all and you’ll get noticed by supervisors and get more out of the apprenticeship. Supervisors love initiative so ask to sit in on something, help out in a new project or pitch your own ideas. It won’t go unnoticed!

  • Ask, ask, ask

    If you're unsure or want to know more ASK. There's no such thing as a stupid question, colleagues will be happy to help!

  • Time management

    Doing college and work side by side is tough to manage. Therefore, try and get your college work done on time or even early if you can. By setting aside a set time each week to complete the tasks you're set from college, you can easily maintain a healthy work/life balance.

  • A To do list will be your best friend

    Track what you need to do to aid time management, then transfer what you've done onto another sheet so at review time you have a list of everything you’ve been involved with and completed to prove your worth!

  • Be enthusiastic

    Even if you think the job is small or annoying, do it well. They’re often the ones people remember your help with the most, this sets you apart from the rest.

  • Put the time in to get to know the other apprentices (not just your year)

    They can be a lifeline for work help or good people to chat to who understand your position. Also, in the future they may be in different departments and knowing someone in there may mean you get a favour here and there.

  • Go easy on yourself

    You won't be great at everything instantly. Chances are the people you’re learning from have been in the industry for years. Don’t get knocked back if it takes time to learn new skills; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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