‘Blagging’ – the underrated, yet essential life skill

We have all been in one of those situations where you quite frankly have no idea what you’re talking about. It can honestly happen to the best of us. 

Chances are, at some point in your life, you will have to ‘blag it’.  

There might be a few of you sat reading this, who are wondering what exactly blagging is. If this is you, then here is a quick definition I have put together:

‘The art of talking about something you have no idea about, in a way that will make people think you are an expert in it.’

There might also be a few of you wondering why on earth I am promoting this. Surely it is something we should avoid and as a prospective teacher I should be teaching students to always be on top of situations, to be honest 100% of the time and to ensure that they know everything.

For those people, I answer with this:

Granted, you should not go through life winging it and never preparing for anything. You shouldn’t assume you can blag your way out of any situation and you should always do your upmost to be prepared.

Yes, honesty is a trait we should all aspire to embody, but every now and then needs must and it is often easier to blag it and save face than admit you are completely and utterly lost.

Controversial? Maybe. But as the good Frank Sinatra said, that’s life.

We are not all perfect 100% of the time and forgetting to do that pre-reading, forgetting to research the question you’ve been asked to look up, or just getting yourself into a conversation where people assume you have more knowledge than you do – it’s literally unavoidable.

If you find yourself in these situations and are faced with the sheer panic of ‘what do I say now!?’ these 3 tips are for you:

(Full disclosure: These tips may not work 100% of the time and every now and then you are faced with that absolute pain of a human that will call you out…if this happens to you, I can only apologise.)

1 – CONFIDENCE! Fake it till you make it! Whenever I need to blag something I look up, speak loudly, articulate my words and act like I am an expert. Yes you might be speaking absolute waffle, but if you do it with confidence, whose gonna know? Right?

2 – MANIPULATION! Have you been asked a question you don’t know the answer too but you do kind of know a little bit of surrounding knowledge? Focus in on the knowledge you do have, however vague it may be and talk about that instead. Refer to point 1 – if you do it confidently, whose going to know? (Extra top tip here – if you end your answer with a return question to them, it throws them off and they often forget you haven’t actually answered there question…)

3 – EYE CONTACT! This sort of leads back to confidence, but ensure you are making eye contact with the people you’re talking too. Challenge them to call you out. Show that you are in charge, you believe in what you are saying and you dare them to question you on that. You are a boss, always, even if you have no clue what’s going on.

So, there you have it.

Those are my top three tips for owning any situation and using the incredibly undervalued life skill of blagging.

Yes, this may not be a legitimate life skill, but it most certainly is something you will learn to do throughout your life.

From being asked about a pre-reading  you haven’t had time (or was too tired) to read, to being asked an interview question that in all honesty you just don’t know how to answer, the skill of good quality blagging is a life saver.

I am not saying no one is ever going to call you out on it, (the worst being ‘can you expand on that’. No. No I can’t.) and I’m not saying that people aren’t going to know you’re blagging, but 9/10 people will simply appreciate the effort you have gone to and just move on.

If all else fails, I suppose you could actually admit you’re completely lost? This is probably a better option than continuously blagging on and on and on.

Or, like me, you can turn that skill of blagging into a blog…

As always,

Much love,

Amy x

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‘Blagging’ – the underrated, yet essential life skill

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