It’s the caring too much about how many followers I have for me

Okay, before we get into this one I will apologise in advance for the title. I’ve been watching far too much TikTok okay.

For those of you who aren’t aggressively addicted to TikTok, therefore have no idea what the title means, let me re-write it for you:

‘Why caring about your follower count on Instagram can be incredibly dangerous for your mental health.’

Take it from someone who has started a business and therefore relies quite heavily on Instagram for promotion and networking: getting too hung up on it can be hella dangerous.

The majority of us have been here.

We’ve posted a photo only to become increasingly anxious if after a few minutes it only has a couple of likes. If you’re anything like me, you might then overthink the whole picture and question why no one likes it. To put it brutally, this mentality is toxic.

Personally, I had that mentality a lot more when I was younger. Throughout school I cared far too much about who was liking my pictures, if I had managed to get into double, or even triple figures and if anyone had commented. Now, I won’t lie, I still care a bit (I am working on that), but nowhere near as much as I used too.

That being said, my follower count and number of likes on CLMB is something I obsess over on a daily basis.    

If you’ve ever posted a photo and had someone unfollow you straight after, you know what true pain feels like.

Okay, possibly a little bit dramatic, but it just hits different when you post something you’ve created, or you’ve worked really hard on and you only get a couple of likes in the first few hours or more so, someone unfollows you. It genuinely makes you question if what you are doing is wrong and if anyone actually cares about your business.

After getting into a very toxic habit of checking if my follower count had dropped every day and being devastated if it had, I decided to put together a few top tips for how to not care too much about your follower count be this on a personal or a business account.

1 – Don’t take it personally. Yes, I know this can be hard and quite often if someone unfollows me or I don’t get a lot of likes on a post I will take it to heart, but trust me it is not a personal attack. Sometimes people just don’t want to follow you anymore or don’t like your stuff and that is absolutely fine. You cannot ever please every single person and sometimes people just won’t like you or your brand. You wouldn’t want a friend who secretly doesn’t like you coming to your bday brunch, so you don’t need a follower who doesn’t like your stuff following your account. This is no shade to them, but all it does is make way for a follower who will appreciate you or your work.

2 – Do NOT and I repeat do NOT have a ‘who unfollowed me’ app. Trust me, you don’t need that stress. I made the mistake of downloading one of these when I first started CLMB. Just don’t do it. It is toxic and makes you wonder why that one gal from Uni who you thought really liked you has unfollowed you after two days. Refer to point one, don’t take it personally. What you don’t know can’t hurt you.

3 – Value your own self worth and know that you are amazing. What you are sharing on Insta is completely up to you. If this is a 12/10 snap of you living your best life in a cocktail bar, an adorable snap of you and your partner on a date, or content you have made for your business, you do you. You wouldn’t be putting it out there if you didn’t like it, so remember that and remember that you are amazing. Likes and followers do not dictate how brilliant, stunning, talented, or just downright wonderful you are.

4 – It is only Instagram. Yes, if you are a small business you might rely on Instagram for sales but even then try to remember that it is only Instagram. Absolutely no social media platform is worth making you upset or obsessive over how many people ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you. As cliché as it sounds, value what you have going on in the real world, the friends or customers or opportunities that every day life presents you and please do not let a number online determine your self-worth.

As someone who has transitioned from caring far too much about their private Instagram to now caring far too much about their business one, I can honestly say that learning to not care as much is a hard process.

By no means am I saying stop putting effort into your Insta, if you enjoy it and it brings you worth then do what makes you happy! For CLMB, Instagram is really important, so I will continue working on it every day and I personally love uploading cute pics to my private Insta, so I’ll carry on with that too.

That being said, please do not get hung up on followers or likes. Trends will come and go and quite often so will followers so know your self-worth, remember that you are amazing, back yourself and always, always know that likes and followers do not dictate anything about you or your work.

In the words of the truly iconic Ru Paul ‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else, can I get an amen’.

Amy x

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It’s the caring too much about how many followers I have for me

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