Podcasts: My new found obsession (plus a few recommendations)

I hate being alone. I’m not one of those people who is comfortable with their own space and could happily enjoy their own company for hours on end. I get bored, I overthink, and I get lonely.

Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I enjoy a couple of hours to myself, reading or taking a nice hot bath, but a couple of hours is more than enough and I’m quickly back to annoying those around me (sorry family).

Obviously I can’t always be around people, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve had to learn to deal with being on my own for more prolonged periods of time. Music used to be my go to during these times, I didn’t think it could get much better than putting on some 80’s throwbacks and singing at the top of my lungs, however much to my neighbours delight, I have recently discovered the wonderful world of podcasts and now I am literally obsessed.

I very much still love music, but recently I have found myself listening to podcasts more and more. What started as brief listening when I went on a walk, has now turned into a list of favourite podcasts that I listen to when I cook, clean, run, train or even just before bed.

Honestly, if you’ve never listened to podcasts before or you’re adamant that nothing will ever be as good as music, try giving one of these recommendations a go. I’ve found they put me in a better mood and really help with that ‘getting caught up in your own head’ feeling.

Below I’ve written a little bit about some of the podcasts I’m currently listening too, but if anyone has anymore recommendations please drop me a message or comment them below.

The funny one: The first podcast I listened too was the absolutely hilarious ‘Shagged. Married. Annoyed’ by Rosie and Chris Ramsey. Honestly, I can’t put into words how funny this is. It’s the type of content that has had me bursting out with laughter in the middle of a run and chuckling to myself in the back of a taxi. The podcast basically covers the realities of dating, married life, bringing up children and everything in between, but don’t think that it is just for parents or married couples because you couldn’t be more wrong. With segments such as ‘What’s Your Beef?’ and ‘Questions from the Public’ it will have you crying with laughter at the relatability and screaming at some of the weird and wonderful things people get up too. If you want a podcast that is super uplifting, massively hilarious and just all-round easy listening this should be your go too.

The educational one: For all the teachers out there,the podcast‘Boys Don’t Try’ should be a staple in your library. The podcast is by Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts, writers of the book ‘Boys Don’t Try? Rethinking Masculinity in Schools’ and is a guide for teachers teaching boys in the modern setting. This podcast is revolutionary in the way teachers should approach teaching boys and discusses stereotypical issues such as ‘boys not being good at English’ and the apparent need to make a lesson purely about football in order to get boys to engage. With episodes such as ‘The engagement myth’ and ‘Mental Health’, it is a hard-hitting and passionately educational podcast that makes you re-evaluate both your own teaching methods and how boys were taught when you were at school. Obviously, this one is mainly for my teacher pals but honestly, if anyone is interested in the way in which boys’ education is stereotypically perceived than this podcast is beyond interesting.

The relatable one: Okay,so this is one I am currently obsessed with, and not just because it’s done by some fellow University grads, but mainly because it is just so bloody relatable. If you want a podcast that makes you think ‘omg at least I’m not alone in this’ this is the one. ‘Grad Life by the Horns’ covers quite literally every element of graduate life, ranging from that absolute fear that hits you when you’re a month away from graduation, to entering the graduate wasteland, jobless and £30,000 in debt.  Not only is this podcast actually super helpful with topics such as job applications, CV’s and cover letter tips, it also has some really interesting and inspiring guest speakers and looks at mental health and why being a stressed out, over worked and underpaid graduate is absolutely fine. I know I’m fan-girling a bit about this podcast, but it’s made by actual graduates who are open, honest and just really make you feel better about whatever stresses you’re having in life right now. Literally, I cannot recommend this one enough. (ok, I’m done obsessing over this one now I promise).

So, at the moment, those are my top three podcasts that I go to dependent on my mood and I promise they really are as good as I’ve made them out to be. Yes, music is amazing and sometimes it’s nice to just blast some songs and zone out, but for me listening to podcasts have genuinely helped my mental health and my thorough incapability of being on my own so much.

Let me know if you give any of these a listen, if you have any recommendations, or if you also hate being alone and just want to chat!

As always, thanks for listening!

Amy x

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Podcasts: My new found obsession (plus a few recommendations)

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