Post-Uni FOMO

Post-Uni FOMO (fear of missing out), is a real thing.

Going from living with your pals every day, taking 2am trips to the shops and stumbling home after a night out, to only seeing them when you can find a date that works around everyone’s jobs and lives is heart-breaking; and it’s only made worse by the absolute madness that is COVID.

Obviously I cannot speak for everyone, and some of you may be in that lucky minority who went to Uni in your home town or still live near all your pals (not that I’m at all jealous…), but if you’re anything like me and you went away to Uni, had the best time of your life and have now had to move home to pursue ‘being an adult’, the FOMO is real.

I had a great time at Uni, and I can honestly say I made the most out of it. I became someone who I am proud of over those few years, and all the incredible people I met along the way helped shape that.

Unfortunately, before I went away to University I wasn’t quite the person I am today.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a monster or anything, but I definitely let my anxiety and overthinking brain get in the way of a lot of my life decisions and ruin a lot of friendships. This unfortunately meant that I left for Uni with only a few friends back in my home town.

At this time, I really didn’t care. I know that sounds harsh, but I was so caught up in my University bubble with all my amazing new friends and new experiences, that I thought life was perfect.

I never considered what would happen after I graduated, because quite frankly when you’re at Uni you don’t. You live for those cheap VK’s and hilarious memories and that’s pretty much all you think about.

To be honest, I never envisioned myself moving back home, but with a boyfriend who’s doing his masters and a PGCE to complete, I literally couldn’t afford to live away from home, and to be fair I missed my Mum and Dad.

Fast forward to now, in the middle of pandemic and I am lonely. Hella lonely.

Don’t get me wrong I have a few incredible friends in my home town but they also have a lot of other friends and my overthinking brain can often make me feel like a burden. I keep in contact with my University besties on a daily basis through WhatsApp, Facetime and sending each other constant memes (yes, I am that friend), but with friends all over the country ranging from London to Spain, finding time (and being allowed by Boris) to see each other is tough, not to mention expensive.

So why does no one prepare you for post-Uni FOMO?

Honestly, I don’t know. But they should. At Uni what happens after graduation is the last thing on your mind, you’re too busy being stressed, being drunk and being 20. Yet I really wish someone had told me to make the most of those times because when it’s all over, finding the time to see everyone is tough, and you will feel lonely. There’s no more knocking on your best friends’ door at 3am because you’re bored (sorry Bec) or spending hours laughing over the most random of stuff.

I think everyone talks a lot about how hard leaving Uni is with regards to getting a job and yes that is tough (very, very tough), but we don’t tend to speak about how hard it is scrolling through pictures on Insta of yourself a year ago and being sad at how boring your life now is.

This blog may well just seem like a rant about the fact I miss Uni, which I do, but what I am hoping to achieve here, is to get across the fact that it’s okay to miss that time in your life. Its not ‘keen’ or ‘embarrassing’, it’s perfectly normal. Leaving Uni is a big change and it’s hard to get your head around.

A very wise gal once said to me ‘I’d rather have strong friendships 150 miles away that I can rely on to talk to and see every now and again, then see different pals every weekend but not have any closeness with them’ and to be honest I think that hits the nail on the head.

For those of you going to Uni this September, make the most of every single opportunity you have, don’t say no to a night out and enjoy every last second. Don’t forget about your friends from home, trust me, you will regret it and just remember that one day your Uni life will come to an end, so be prepared for that.

For those of you like me who have graduated now, those memories are what made you who you are today. Hold on to them and remember them when you’re sad. Leaving Uni doesn’t have to mean your social life comes to an end, it just means it changes, so message them friends, make new friends and get ready for one hell of a party when COVID is finally over.

As always, thanks for reading!

Amy x

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Post-Uni FOMO

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