So, apparently I’m a CEO now?

Never in my life did I think I would be developing my own company at the age of 23. I still can’t quite believe I’m doing it, but if there’s one thing I have learnt over these past few months it’s to follow your passions, because when you do, you don’t care how many hours you work or how tired you are. You just want it to be perfect.

So, this is a bit of a different blog post for me and one I have been super excited to write. As I am sat writing this I am literally smiling my socks off because to be honest, I am bloody proud of myself and I can’t wait to see where this venture is going to take me.

Throughout this post I will be explaining exactly what CLMB is, what it stemmed from and what I am planning to do with it. As they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’ – slightly over ambitious reference there I know… can you tell I’m excited?

As the wonderful Julie Andrews once said, “let’s start at the very beginning”. What did CLMB stem from? For those of you who have been long-time fans (aka my family and close friends), at the start of Lockdown I created my own blog LoveAtFirstWrite with the plan of writing blog topics aimed at my progression as a trainee English teacher in secondary schools.

I am really passionate about Education and Teaching so presumed writing about all things English studies would be a perfect avenue for my little blog. As time went on and I wrote more and more, I realised my true passion was with helping people (cliché I know). Writing topics about things I’ve experienced such as Imposter Syndrome and Post-Uni FOMO was my favourite things to do, it was literally like therapy on a page and I figured if this could be helping others than that’s even better.

At this point I was at a bit of a standstill.

 I was training to be an English Teacher, I love English, I absolutely love talking to/teaching and interacting with KS3/4 students and I love, above all, helping people. I sat for a while and thought “okay Amy, how can I turn this into a career?”.

Fast forward a few weeks of continuous brainstorming, a beyond insightful phone call with the incredible Maddie Astle (hit up her fab blog if you’re a grad!) and boom, CLMB was born.

What exactly is CLMB I hear you ask? CLMB centres around helping young people through focus on Careers, Life Skills, Mental Health and the steps needed to build their future.

I have undertaken research with both KS3/4 students and those who have now left Secondary School, exploring what their experiences of Careers were, how they felt their Mental health was supported throughout school and what areas they feel were underrepresented throughout their education. From this research it was evident that the bridge between the many choices you have to make in Secondary School (think options, GCSE’s, post-school etc) and the prioritisation of Mental health was extremely poor. Areas like Sex Education and options other than University were highlighted as key areas to improve.

One thing was clear, students wanted honesty and respect, therefore that is what CLMB aims to deliver.

Here and now:

Currently on CLMB you can find numerous free resources, Blogs on Careers, Life Skills, Mental health and Education, Book reviews and much, much more. I have also developed pages such as ‘A Letter to your Younger Self’ in which a variety of extraordinary individuals from a range of backgrounds and job roles have written a letter to themselves at school age giving them the advice they wished they’d had back then.

Near future:

On the 20th September at 7pm the Sex Education page will be launching. This will include posters and resources created by the amazing @elliejackillustrations that can be used for Sex Education, body positivity, social media campaigns and much more. It will further have a section entitled ‘Our Experiences’ in which posts from a range of anonymous authors have been gathered discussing experiences they have had with regards to sexuality, growing up and the issues surrounding this. There will also be a FAQ’s section where questions that have been identified as key topics students want answers to but don’t want to ask about in class have been answered by a range of professionals and people who have gone through the exact same thing.

The long game:

Over the next two years I will be completing my PGCE, my NQT, a L2 qualification in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health, a L6 qualification in Careers Advice and Guidance and numerous CPD courses on CV development, online networking, financial guidance etc.

As I grow and develop so will CLMB so that as a company we can offer a range of services aimed at young people, schools, parents, carers, and anyone involved in this stage of a young individual’s life.

Growing up is hard and what’s even harder is the amount of decisions you have to make.

CLMB will provide guidance, comfort and help throughout this time period, show students their options and how to make the most of them, show it is okay to talk about anything and ultimately be the platform young people can turn to.

CLMB will strive to be honest with young people, answer any questions they have and aid them in building the future they want.

I hope you all join us on this exciting journey.

Amy Wilcock

CEO and Founder of CLMB

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So, apparently I’m a CEO now?

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