The top 10 most valuable skills you’ve learnt in lockdown

2020 has been a testing year to say the least. Who would have thought we would be living through a global pandemic in which we have spent months on end locked up in our houses? Not me that’s for sure, but here we are.

It can be super easy to get down about the current situation, so I thought I would write a more positive post this week that can hopefully benefit you no matter what. I’ve seen many posts circulating social media talking about how lockdown has made us stronger, helped us to develop hobbies and has pushed some of us into starting our own small businesses and honestly, it’s refreshing to see the current situation looked at with a positive light.

Regardless of the situation you are in at the moment, whether you’re in school, you’re a graduate, or you are simply looking for work, I have devised a list of the top 10 skills you have learnt throughout lockdown that you can either put on your CV, weave into that virtual interview or just be endlessly proud of.

I hope this can help and allow some of you to realise just how amazing you are!

1 – Emotional resilience

You are literally surviving the emotional rollercoaster that is COVID-19 and that requires a hell of a lot of emotional resilience. Being locked in at home and going through those up and down days requires you to be resilient, the fact that you are here, reading this blog, shows you have developed that skill.

2 – Determination

You have remained determined throughout this time period. Whether that be on a project, on school or simply on getting through each day. Your determination has helped you focus on the end of this pandemic and keep on going every day, no matter the hurdles.

3 – Prioritisation skills

You may have had days where you have slept and put yourself first and other days where you got an abundance of work done, but you decided what your focus should be each day and you trusted your gut. You learnt when to give in and when to push forward and that requires a strong ability to prioritise not only work but yourself too.

4 – Ability to work under pressure

If there is one thing lockdown has created it’s a lot of pressure. Whether you view that as pressure to find a job in a difficult climate, pressure to save money, pressure on your mental health or pressure to succeed in education, we have all been under it. The fact you’re continuing with your day to day life show you have immense capability to work under this completely new pressure you have been faced with.

5 – Spontaneity and creativity

Lockdown has ruined many-a-plans, from birthday brunches to celebrating your Grandmas 80th. It’s rubbish. But one thing we have all done is learnt to be creative and spontaneous. From standing on our doorstops and clapping the NHS, to finding new and creative ways to engage with family and friends, spontaneity and creativity are skills we can all claim we now have.

6 – Adaptability

You have learnt to adapt to the current climate. The sheer fact you are here reading this shows that. No one saw this coming and no matter your views on the situation, your current personal situation or how hard you have found it, you have adapted and that is something to be immensely proud of.

7 – Emotional Intelligence

We have all had to check in with ourselves at some point this year and learn to give ourselves a break. More so we have had to understand the emotions of those around us and learn to accept that everyone copes in different ways. This is a skill that often takes a lot of refining and one that will benefit you a lot through life.

8 – Perseverance

Keeping going every single day has been hard for a lot of people, but you have persevered and you should be so proud of that. At times it may have been hard, but you kept going and remained strong.

9 – Dependability

We all likely have people who depend on us, whether this is family, friends or an elderly neighbour. Without even thinking you have allowed people to depend on you this year. This could simply be making the cups of tea for your house on a bad day, being there when your friend needed that cry or helping a neighbour out by delivering food. The fact people can depend on you is an amazing attribute to have.

10 – Kindness

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, kindness. You have been kind to yourself and kind to others and that is a skill that should never go unnoticed or under-appreciated.

I understand everyone’s experiences of this past year have been different, and one situation cannot be compared to the other, but these skills are things you as an individual have had to use to survive this current situation.

This year has been tough, no one can argue that, but it is important to look at the positives you have gained from these trying times and remember that you are an amazing individual who is surviving a bloody pandemic!!!

Lots of love, and thank you for reading.


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The top 10 most valuable skills you’ve learnt in lockdown

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