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The Complete Guide to Becoming an English Teacher (Second Edition)

Edited by Stephen Clarke, Paul Dickinson & Jo Westbrook

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In preparation for my PGCE at The University of Hull I have enjoyed reading and critically evaluating ‘The Complete Guide to Becoming an English Teacher’ (Edited by: Stephen Clarke, Paul Dickinson and Jo Westbrook, 2010).

Each chapter is written by a specialist in the field, offering a passionate discussion on a wide variety of topics ranging from History, Ideology and Values to Comparative Perspectives and Pedagogies.

Not only does each section provide you with essential information with regards to educational debates and the latest professional and academic standards, it further inspires, motivates and excites you to take up the many challenges that await throughout both your teacher training and your career as a teacher.
The book is written in a truly encouraging manner, with each author speaking fondly and passionately of their subject, offering numerous innovative activities to try and contemporary strategies to implement.

Perhaps the section that excited me the most, due to my degree focusing on Media and Communications, was ‘Introducing Media: Multi-model Texts in English’ by Keith Perera. This chapter inspired me as to the many ways I could implement my subject specific knowledge to provide my future students with as many media and film based opportunities for learning as possible; opportunities that in the 21st technology-savvy world are priceless.

To anyone who is training to teach English in Secondary, any current English teachers or simply anyone with a passion for education I would recommend this book in a heartbeat.

The enthusiasm in which every piece of text is written with is contagious and you are sure to find many new ideas to take forward throughout your teaching career.
Amy Wilcock
CEO & Founder - CLMB
The Complete Guide to Becoming an English Teacher (Second Edition)

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