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mind ur mind

Becky Duckmanton

I came across this workbook on social media and thank god I did. It is, quite frankly, absolutely incredible and a bible for anyone who suffers with mental health, wants to give themselves some self-love or just simply enjoys journaling.

Not only is this workbook amazingly helpful it is also GORGEOUS. Like, literally stunning. The graphics and illustrations are outstanding, modern and young and it is an absolute pleasure to look at.

So, what exactly is the workbook?

‘Mind ur mind’ can be read from both sides, so the front page says ‘start here if you feel good’ and the back page says ‘start here if you feel bad’. I absolutely love this concept. It makes you evaluate how you’re feeling and check in with yourself every time you pick it up and it helps you channel those emotions into something positive.

Once inside it is filled with interactive worksheets, inspiring quotes, fun activities and amazing statistics. My current favourite (although I won’t lie, this changes every day) is a gorgeous graphic of a flower with some petals falling off it. The aim is to fill those petals with small achievements you’ve made throughout the day. Honestly, this is just great for recognising how much you’ve accomplished in a day and can be so personal to what it is you are wanting to achieve, be this showering or managing to each a chocolate bar and not look at the calories. I have included a few pictures at the bottom of this post so you can all see the full extent of how gorgeous these pages are.

Some of the other incredible pages look at Mental Health terminology, showering yourself with compliments and writing down your medication tracker.

You can really see the time and care that has gone into creating this book and what’s better is the fact it is made by an amazing 22 year old who produces these designs as a small business!

I cannot recommend this book enough, it is aesthetic, helpful, inspiring, gorgeous and makes you prioritise a little bit of time for yourself every single day. In a society where mental health can often be seen as taboo this stunning workbook is taking a leap to debunking that, showing that talking about and addressing your mental health isn’t just brave it can also be bloody stunning!

Better yet, it is super cheap for what you get and even more exciting you can get 10% off using the CLMB discount code CLMB10. Just a heads up, this book was not gifted and I am under no bias at all!

If you want to make a small purchase that can help you invest in your own mental wellbeing this is the book you should be buying. In the few days I have had it, it has helped me so, so much and I cannot wait to continue using it for a very long time.

Below I have put some pics of the book and some links to the creator’s socials.

To the left there is a link to purchase the book, don’t forget to use CLMB10 for 10% off!

I make no profit from this; we just love a discount!!
Amy Wilcock
CEO & Founder - CLMB
Mind Ur Mind

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