Dear Emily Lewis

Letter To Your Younger Self Emily Lewis Return to All Letters Emily Lewis – Communications Manager Degree: 1st Class BA (hons) Languages and European Studies Dear Emily, First things first: I know you won’t want to take advice from me, because you don’t like taking advice from anyone, but just hear me out. Or at […]

Dear Laura Dench

Letter To Your Younger Self Laura Dench Return to All Letters Laura Dench – Audit Trainee at BDO Dear Younger Laura, Firstly, I just want to say you are loved, amazing, fierce, confident & you don’t even know it yet! If you could see where you’ll be in 2020, you wouldn’t believe you’re about to […]

Dear Sarah Knight

Letter To Your Younger Self Sarah Knight Return to All Letters Sarah Knight – Best Selling Auhtor Reprinted with permission from You Do You by Sarah Knight, copyright © 2017. Published by Voracious, an imprint of Little, Brown Books. What would Marty McFly do? Once I became a self-help “expert,” people started asking me, “If […]

Dear Ollie Drake

Letter To Your Younger Self Ollie Drake Return to All Letters Ollie Drake – Corporate Tax Associate Dear younger Ollie, I’m not quite sure how to start this, but here goes. You’re currently 23, having graduated from Loughborough University (it’s between Leicester and Nottingham) with a first class degree, and are 7/15ths of the way […]

Dear Alice Waddell

Letter To Your Younger Self Alice Waddell Return to All Letters Alice Waddell – Solicitor Dear Younger Alice, It’s not often you get a chance to write to your younger self, and there is probably a great deal I could tell you about (such as the delights of having a mortgage), but I won’t bore […]

Dear Mollie Myers

Letter To Your Younger Self Mollie Myers Return to All Letters Mollie Myers – Criminology Masters Student Dear younger Mollie, I’m writing to you, the sixteen-year-old girl who feel like her entire world has ended and her dreams are shattered. The girl who has just gotten out of a sort-of relationship, her first ever romantic […]

Dear Rahul Mathasing

Letter To Your Younger Self Rahul Mathasing Return to All Letters Rahul Mathasing Dear Younger Rahul, Some time has passed in our life and we have been through quite a lot, and learned so much along the way. We have a deeper understanding of ourselves, greater empathy for the struggles of others, and more patience […]

Dear Livi Arnold

Letter To Your Younger Self Livi Arnold Return to All Letters Livi Arnold – Sports Marketing & Commercial Coordinator Dear younger Livi,  Don’t expect to have everything figured out by the time you’re 18. Better yet, stop associating age with certain milestones all together – from your 23 year old self, I can safely say this life […]

Dear Hannah McCleave

Letter To Your Younger Self Hannah McCleave Return to All Letters Hannah McCleave – Textile Designer Dear younger self, Firstly, congratulations on your First Class Degree from Loughborough University, this is the first time you go after something you really feel passionate about! You have always had a natural flair for creative subjects, but the stigma surrounding […]

Dear Clara Swedlund

Letter To Your Younger Self Clara Swedlund Return to All Letters Clara Swedlund – Fitness Instructor I currently work daytime as a fitness instructor for the sports department of my local council, and I’m self-employed as a fitness coach / online personal trainer. Dear younger Clara, You’re 15 now, and you have a feeling that […]

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