Negative Views of Female Masturbation

My Experience Negative Views of Female Masturbation There is no doubt about it, female pleasure is a taboo.   Boys will mention having a ‘wank’ or other lovely terms for masturbation about 10 times a day! It’s a common joke and people generally aren’t bothered about the concept of male masturbation. On the other hand, […]

Losing My Virginity

My Experience Losing my Virginity I was 14 when I got into the main and only long-term relationship I’ve ever had. I had ‘boyfriends’ before then but they all only lasted a week or two.   This relationship lasted through the first 2 years of University and we lived together for one year and I […]

Contracting an STI Does Not Make You a Bad Person!

My Experience Contracting an STI does not make you a bad person! When I was 18 my boyfriend of the time cheated on me and gave me Chlamydia.   We had learnt a lot about STI’s in school but because I was in what I believed to be a secure relationship, I didn’t even think […]

I Had to Teach Myself the Majority of Sex Education

My Experience I Had to Teach Myself the Majority of Sex Education From the ages of 11 to 16, I went to a catholic high school. The first sex education lesson I remember we had was in year seven, however, it was a very outdated video of a heterosexual sex, about the science of it […]

Is my Genitalia Normal?

My Experience Is My Genitalia Normal? I remember being shown photos in what my secondary school called ‘sex education’ of genitalia and of those with STIs and going home in tears. I was so worried, not about the STI risk, but because all the photos showed the ‘standard’ vagina, the one that’s seen in porn and […]

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