Empathy Top Tips

  • Actively Listen To Others Instead of Talking

    Let the people around you share their points of view, even if you disagree. Show you are listening and take on board their ideas when explaining your own point of view.

  • Talk About Emotions

    Show that you care about how the people around you feel. If someone seems upset or quiet take them aside and ask if they are okay. Showing you care can go a long way.

  • Pay Attention To The Needs Of Others

    Learn how the people around you work and how they respond to different techniques. Show that you understand you are all different and make an effort to include everyone’s ways and practices in your task.

  • Try Not To Judge People

    It can often be too easy to judge a book by it’s cover. Try not to judge those around you, instead try and understand them. If you struggle to understand ask questions, just ensure you are polite.

  • Learn About The People Around You

    Whether this is their cultures, their backgrounds, their favourite film or their hobbies, try and learn a little bit about everyone you meet. This shows that you care and are interested in them as a person.

  • Be Vulnerable

    Being willing to show your own weaknesses is an incredibly strong thing to do. Someone who can admit when they are not very good at something or when they are struggling is a much more empathetical person than someone who refuses to accept help.

  • Smile

    This might sound so simple, but a smile can go a long way. Smile at people you walk past, at people you work with or just at your friends. You never know what that smile could do to someones day.

  • Understand You Never Know The Whole Story

    You do not know what is going on in every persons life, you can only ever know what they choose to show you. Keep this at the back of your mind and remember you never know the struggles someone else is having.

  • Be Constructive

    When giving criticism or guidance think about how you word things. Imagine how you would like to be spoken to and build from that. It is okay if you disagree with people or have other ideas, just ensure you speak respectfully and constructively.

  • Identify Your Own Needs

    Empathy isn’t just about how you behave to others. Make sure you are empathetical to yourself. Give yourself a break from time to time and let yourself have time to relax and unwind.

Some great books to read:

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The Age of Empathy: Nature's Lessons for a Kinder Society
by Frans de Waal
Fish in a Tree
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
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