Entrepreneurialism Top Tips

  • Learn To Negotiate

    It is very rare people will give you exactly what you ask for. More often than not you need to learn to negotiate. We all negotiate every day with our parents, friends, neighbours, siblings, colleagues and spouses but learning to put this into a business or school setting can take practice!

  • Positive Thinking

    Entrepreneurs see opportunities where others see problems. They see potential where others see uselessness and they are risk takers and innovators. All of these would be impossible to achieve without a positive outlook on life.

  • Failure Is Okay

    It’s impossible to be creative or original if you’re not prepared to fail. More often than not failure is demonised rather than accepted as the ‘springboard to success’ that it really is. If you are too afraid to fail you won’t put yourself out there, so try and accept that failure is a part of life, so you may as well try!

  • Be Decisive

    The ability to make decisions even when you don’t have all the information you need is a distinctive skill that most successful entrepreneurs have. They are willing to take a risk and do something rather than wait until they are 100 percent certain. Sometimes you have to take risks and follow your gut.

  • Practice That Persuasive Language

    Persuasive language isn’t just a literary device you learn in the English classroom. As an entrepreneur it can really take you far. The more you can persuade people, the more chance you have of progressing and achieving what you want.

  • Be Curious

    Asking why and wanting to know more are great traits to have if you’re looking to develop your entrepreneurialism, especially if you can ask people who are successful in their field. It is always great to get advice from successful people so don’t be afraid to ask how or why they have done something.

  • Time-Management

    Yes, it may also be a key life skill but if you want to achieve and create something amazing you need to be able to manage your time.

  • Accept That You Will Never Know It All

    Having a drive to continue learning is key when it comes to entrepreneurialism. This can be learning about whatever your passion may be and whatever career sector you want to go into. Find the leading companies, read up on them, join some newsletters, you honestly can never learn enough.

  • Learn To Lead

    Team work is a key skill, but when it comes to being an entrepreneur you also need to know how to lead. The best leaders lead how they would like to be led, so bare this in mind.

  • Back Yourself

    Believe that your ideas are good and valued, promote and believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself no one will, so set the precedent for how good you are.

Some great books to read:

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100 Things Successful People Do
by Nigel Cumberland
Radical Condor: How To Get What You Want By Saying What You Mean
by Kim Scott
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