Letter To Your Younger Self

Emma Long

Emma Long - History Student

I’m a History MA student of Queen’s University Belfast, from Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Northern

Dear younger Emma,

Everything will change – your plans, your dreams, your beliefs, your friendships, your confidence, YOU. You will be opened by the world and learn you have a light to shine. Embrace it, don’t fear it. The things you think are hard now, well you smashed them. The things that will come will be hard without a doubt. Much harder than everything you know. But you have it in
you to succeed, to soar.

“Don’t give up chasing your dreams, discovering and developing.”

If that means you change, embrace it, embrace yourself and forget about the standards and opinions others hold of you. Change is inevitable and for the better, so let it happen. You have it in you to achieve whatever you want to achieve. The plans you once made may have detours, crossroads, potholes or take a different direction altogether but you will get to where you are meant to be in the end and more. Just promise me you’ll give it your all, never give up, own your thoughts, actions, everything about you, live life to your own beat, believe in yourself and demand respect. You deserve the world, so go get it and never settle for less!!!


Older Emma x

Dear Emma Long