Letter To Your Younger Self

Laura Dench

Laura Dench - Audit Trainee at BDO

Dear Younger Laura,

Firstly, I just want to say you are loved, amazing, fierce, confident & you don’t even know it yet! If you could see where you’ll be in 2020, you wouldn’t believe you’re about to move to London and start a Level 7 apprenticeship to become a chartered accountant having just completed a masters degree in Automotive Engineering.

When it comes to academic achievements, I’m so proud of you. You’ll have some hard decisions to make about which path to take but you’ll always chose the route that’s best for you that time and that’s all anyone can ask of you. As you go forward you’ll realise how important it is not to worry if your decision is the ‘right’ one but more if it will make you happy. You will learn the value of this and how to take what ever experience you have and make the skills you have built up transfer to your next adventure.

Always make decisions which will make you happy and open doors for your future.

Remember to always be you. Don’t follow what other people think you should do but do take into account their advice as this is built from their experiences. You work in a different way to other people and this allows you to take opportunities they can’t. So don’t go and sit in the library to try and do work. It doesn’t work for you. Your way of working in short, intense bursts and then taking breaks will leapfrog you forward and allow you to do all the other things like dancing and be on committees that other people just don’t have the time to do.

“Just because you work, think or do things differently… It doesn’t mean you are wrong.”

Keep at the dancing and don’t stop trying to achieve great things. You will make that first team you’d had your eye on since first year! Take every opportunity to grow and try new activities, one month you’ll be swinging from an aerial hoop and the next you’ll be long(ish) distance running (yes really, running). You’ll meet new people and push the boundaries of what you thought you could do – it will be freeing!

If you want to dress up for lectures because you can, do it! Show the world how fabulous you are!

Remember to take time for yourself. If you need to take a step back for a day, then do it. People may say you’re slacking or wonder why you’ve spent all day dancing the day before an exam, but they don’t live your life and they don’t know the work you’ve previously put in. Taking a step back brings you inner calm and allows your brain to be free of stress and achieve even greater things. I know you and you will have been preparing in plenty of time to allow yourself to have this day off.

Do what you love. It’s your life.

Appreciate the people in your life who are always there for you. They aren’t too common and you might lash out at them when you are struggling most, but trust me when I say you need them. You’ll know who they are because they won’t give up on you, even when you have given up on yourself. Equally, don’t sacrifice your happiness to please others, especially when they aren’t there for you. Let those people go and focus your energy on giving back to those who really are there for you.

Own being you. Don’t be afraid to be you. You and your personality are your biggest asset.

People will tell you that they found you scary when you first met them… its just because you are determined and driven. Theres nothing wrong with that but equally, do show people your soft side. You do have one but you just need to let it shine and people will love you for who you are (okay so some people won’t but you won’t like everyone and that’s fair).

So remember, just be you, own it and wear your party dress to Sainsbury’s of you want to; Life’s too short & you paid too much to only wear it once.

Lots of love,

Older Laura x

Dear Laura Dench