Letter To Your Younger Self

Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson - Head of Theatre

Writing and directing interactive theatre shows for children in Italy. Managing a theatre company and
English department for a language company (sending all of the actors bookings/hotels/travel./logistics whilst they’re on their tour of Italy, alongside monitoring their process and providing constructive feedback to ensure exceptional high standards were maintained through their tour and the clients needs were met). Casting actors, producing theatre.

Dear Tom,

Every year passes so quickly and time flies so fast, you must get on the train and get to wherever it is you want to go to because if you don’t, you’ll just be standing at the station, watching all of the trains pass. Say yes to new adventures. Try new things, gain experiences in all walks of life. If you want
something, you must be willing to work for it, ultimately you must be willing to make sacrifices to get to your goal, be that in any career, you must put in those countless hours and be the hardest person working in the room.

“One thing I would suggest is that you should never compare yourself to other people, you should only compare yourself to yourself yesterday, or an older version of yourself.”

As corny as it sounds, it’s true, you will never find happiness if you’re looking for it in someone else’s life. I want you to acknowledge the fact that every single person is different, before jumping to conclusions about someone, attempt to consider what they have been through for them to be this person and try understand things from their perspective . Some people will get on and off trains for the rest of their lives. Some people may jump on one train and stay on it forever. It may be that their train seems more approachable and likeable than yours, or you simply just envy their lifestyle but remember this: you don’t know everything about them, you just know what they want you to know through their social media posts, so get your head out of your Instagram feed and back to where your focus should be. Whatever it is that you want right now may continuously change for the next ten, twenty, thirty or forty years or it may not change at all, trust the process, do what makes you happy and enjoy the journey.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Tom Johnson