Letter To Your Younger Self

Tushaun Campbell

Tushaun Campbell - Psychology Student

Currently a student of Psychology at Loughborough University going into my final year.

Dear Younger Tushaun,

Firstly, well done for getting into your desired secondary school! These next couple of years are going to be filled with belly-aching laughter and belly-aching tears, you’ll make some of the best decisions of your life and also make a few not-so-good ones too, but take it from me, it’s all good in the hood. On days when you’re feeling a bit down, dw, you’re doing great, keep going!! Younger Tush, knowing your identity is so important and this knowledge will be a life saver and an anchor through secondary. You don’t need to strive to be liked because you’re already eternally loved (you’ll soon understand what I mean). Do remind yourself on a daily basis that you are a black (and a lovely shade at that! do not accept any form of colourism), intelligent, funny, beautiful human (the list goes on).

“You’re so much more than your physical appearance”

(particularly your gluteus maximus). There will be times unfortunately where you’ll be made to believe otherwise, and some people will push your buttons to the max but just be confident in who you are and maybe grow a bit of a backbone (lool thanks!). Hold onto your unique and bubbly personality because it’s such a definitive part of you, which everyone loves (stay infinitely lit and simmer down for no one). Don’t be so harsh on yourself, extend the same grace you give to others, to yourself. Advice is great, but sometimes you have to figure things out on your own, so I don’t want to say much more other than continue to be loving, loyal and shine bright!

All my love,

Older you

Dear Tushaun Campbell