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Is My Genitalia Normal?
I remember being shown photos in what my secondary school called ‘sex education’ of genitalia and of those with STIs and going home in tears.
I was so worried, not about the STI risk, but because all the photos showed the ‘standard’ vagina, the one that’s seen in porn and in scientific images usually.
I remember being 14 years old and googling about what a girls genitalia should look like and spending weeks on end crying thinking I was broken and weird for mine looking different to the norm.
Looking back on this devastates me because it should be the case that young girls are told everyone’s different.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with how anyone’s labia looks and every single persons is different.
I was questioning everything at the age of 14, I thought it would mean I couldn’t have kids just purely because of the lack of info we were given.
Is my Genitalia Normal?

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