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No One Has The Right To Say Or Do Anything That You Are Not Comfortable With!

Growing up through school terms like ‘jail bait’ were thrown around with little concern as to what the term actually means.


It was accepted that girls would be whistled at and people would make comments as they walked by and they should just accept it.


This happened to me on numerous occasions from boys at school commenting on my body to touching me, slapping my bum without consent. Due to the fact I was in school, I didn’t really know how wrong this was so would just let it happen and laugh it off like all the other girls seemed to do. In a way it was a kind of validation that you are ‘pretty’ and that boys ‘fancy you’.


It is only now I am a lot older that I look back at this and think how disgusting this type of behaviour is.


For starts you do not need validation from anyone in school, full stop.


You are your own person and you do not need anyone else to tell you that you are good enough. Secondly, no one should ever touch you without consent and if they do you must report it. This can be to a teacher or to a family member and you can ask to remain anonymous.


Do not let the fear of being called ‘frigid’ or boys going off you hold you back from vocalising your rights as a person. Nobody should be calling you names or touching you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable and if they are doing you need to be brave enough to tell that person no or report it to someone who can stop it.


So many young people are led to believe you have to accept comments and inappropriate behaviour as part of growing up, but trust me this is not the case.


Speak out for what you believe in and don’t ever let anyone do or say anything to you that you are not comfortable with!

No One Has The Right to Say or Do Anything to You That You Are Not Comfortable With!

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