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Negative Views of Female Masturbation

There is no doubt about it, female pleasure is a taboo.


Boys will mention having a ‘wank’ or other lovely terms for masturbation about 10 times a day! It’s a common joke and people generally aren’t bothered about the concept of male masturbation. On the other hand, it isn’t talked about that females may also masturbate.


The issue in itself isn’t about whether females do or do not do it – it is up to each individual whether they want to – but its about getting rid of the stigma around it. An example of this is when I was in a lesson in year 10 or 11. The lesson only had females in and female masturbation was mentioned and one girl turned around and said she doesn’t do that, ‘why would I do that’ and that it is ‘disgusting’. I in response asked her if she also thought male masturbation was disgusting and she said no but said that it was different. Due to the popularity of this girl in question no one else commented but I could tell they were all listening. I am quite outspoken anyway so I felt the need to speak up but the difficult thing in this is that it felt like it was a question about what I did or didn’t do personally rather than an objective statement that if something is okay for boys it should also be okay for girls. I do masturbate and I have since I was a teenager but I aware of girls that don’t or those that do but wouldn’t admit it, on the other hand I have also had open conversations at university with other girls who do and are happy to admit that.


We need to get rid of this taboo because it is sexists and unjustified that male’s sexual pleasure is seen as normal and to be satisfied but for some reason for females the only time, they are linked to sexual pleasure is when with a male.


Females and males both have sexual urges and feel sexual pleasure so there is no shame in either gender masturbating.

Negative Views of Female Masturbation

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