University Top Tips

  • Get Familiar With The Uni

    Before you go, make sure you’ve checked over all the emails you’ve received and know how to get there and where to park etc. The last thing you want is too much stress on what should be a fun day!

  • Make Sure You Have The Basics But Don't Over Pack

    Take the basic things you need, such as: pens, pencils, a laptop and some cooking stuff, but don’t fall victim to packing everything but your kitchen sink. Your Uni will be near a Wilko’s or Tesco’s or something I promise you!

  • Unpack Straight Away, You Won't Have Time Once Freshers Starts

    If anyone is helping you move in (family, fresher helpers) utilise them! The quicker you’re all moved in, the quicker the fun can begin. Trust me once that first week of Uni starts, you won’t have any time to still be unpacking.

  • Figure Out The Local Shops

    Do a little research about what shops are around you. Make sure you know where to get the best takeaway, the cheapest shop for pres and what food shops do delivery. Give it a month or so and this is information will be your bible!

  • Leave Your Door Open

    It is so cliché, but leaving your room door open when moving in is a great way to make friends. It makes you seem approachable and friendly even if you are super nervous. It also means if anyone walks by they can say hi!

  • Make The Most Of Freshers In Your Own Way

    I say in your own way because if you want to experience every second of freshers, go to every event and every party and not sleep for a week, honestly feel free, you’ll love it. However, if you want to get stuck into all the sporting trials and be up at 6am for swimming you do that! If you don’t want to go out but want to try and find a society that is into what you’re into, go for it! There is something for everyone in freshers so try to understand not everyone in your flat will want to experience it in the same way.

  • Budget That Student Loan. Don't Think You're Rich The Second It Comes In

    It is so tempting to live like a Queen (or King) when that first hit of student loan comes in. Trust me, we have all been there, but try and budget that loan. The last thing you want is to be buying everyone rounds for a week and then living off super noodles for months.

  • Be Clean. AKA Try Not To Be That Person Who Leaves An Eggy Pan In The Sink

    We get it, you might not be used to doing your own pots. I wasn’t when I went to Uni, but just don’t be that person who leaves a smelly pan on the side all night. I’m not saying be the next Mrs Hinch, but just try and wipe down when you’re done cooking!

  • Find Out About Uni Services

    More often then not your Uni services will be available online or you will be given a leaflet in freshers. Do some research and make sure you’re signed up to the doctor’s surgery, know where the mental health support is and know how to access careers advice if you need it. All Uni’s have some great services so make sure you know that they’re there and use them if you need them.

  • Check In At Home

    Let your parents/carers know you’re doing ok! It is so easy to get sucked into the Uni life and forget all about your home for a bit. Equally, it is super easy to miss your home every day and get really home sick. Either way, try to call home every now and then, chances are your parents/carers/friends miss you just as much as you miss them.

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